Being comfortable in your work environment is important to all employees.  

While dealing with workplace harassment can take its toll on you, remember that you have options to stop it whether it is through the channels of management or through the services of a harassment lawyer.   It is important to remember that your well being is important not only to your life, but to the company and your position in it as well.

In the workplace, stress can take many forms.  Some factors can include heavy workloads, lack of appreciation, and long hours.  Stress can be linked to your role in your organization by including your level of responsibility or being unclear in what your job role is.  The progress of your career can also cause stress, such as stress over promotion, little job satisfaction and few opportunities for advancement. A main cause of stress is problems with interpersonal relationships. These include communications problems, lack of fairness, problems with co-workers, bullying, lack of safety and security, and threats of violence.

Sadly, being over-stressed or harassed at work can cause an array of physical and mental symptoms including high blood pressure, trouble sleeping, increased stomach acid, depression, anxiety, lack of concentration, and increased anger. These issues can become severe and should be addressed immediately.  If management is unable to rectify the problem it may be necessary to consult with harassment lawyers so that you not only can stop the harassment, but also being to treat the physical and mental effects the stress can cause.

It is important for your employer to produce a stress and harassment free workplace so their employees can perform their duties to the best of their abilities as well as providing a safety against physical and mental issues.  Failure to provide this environment can lead to higher worker’s compensation claims due to poor performance as well as possible legal claims from harassment lawyers.   In extreme situation, stress and harassment can lead to violence in the workplace.

Your employer has options and responsibilities to prevent stress and harassment in the workplace.  It is important that your job has reasonable expectations which can be met without extreme stress.  Employers should also make sure jobs lead to some form of advancement and employees receive the support and recognition that they deserve.  Your employer should also allow you to be able to make reasonable decisions and be sure your voice is heard.

It is important to remember that even though you are the employee of a company you have the right to request certain standards in your workplace.  It is reasonable to ask to be properly trained in all duties you are expected to perform, to be treated fairly and the same as all other employees, and to be able to communicate with your supervisors, co-workers and management without fear of reprisal.  Your employer should address any issues that can add stress to your job, address any harassment issues you have and rectify them, and make you feel safe when you come to work.  The company you work for should have a clear policy in regards to bullying and harassment and have and enforce proper disciplinary action when appropriate.

If you are having these problems at work and feel that they are not being addressed properly, it may be necessary to consult with a harassment lawyer.  To consult with a harassment attorney confidentially or for more information on your workplace rights you can contact Jon Vonder Harr for information.  Remember being safe and free from harassment is not only a workplace right but a right for every individual.