How The Rich & Famous Get Custody

How The Rich & Famous Get Custody

by Jul 1, 2020Child Custody

Many people assume, often correctly, that the rules of the world most of us live in don’t apply in the same ways to the rich and famous. Examples of this can be found everywhere: politicians, celebrities, professional athletes, etc. And when it comes to the law, it is true that in many cases those with a higher income are able to take advantage of the legal system in ways that middle and low-income people cannot.

One very notable exception, however, is child custody. Remember, the golden rule in determining custody is: What’s in the best interests of the child? Family court judges simply do not give a single solitary s**t how rich and/or famous you are, as rich and famous comedian Chris Rock recently found out:

Two things you can immediately take away from this:

  1. Chris Rock is still one of funniest comedians on Earth. Period.
  2. He is absolutely not joking about the custody process.

Only people who have actually been through the custody process will understand that, as funny as that clip is, Chris Rock is not exaggerating one bit about what the judge required of him.

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Are Judges Really That Specific?

While it’s true that comedians often exaggerate or over-dramatize situations and events for comedic effect, when it comes to getting custody of your children, no exaggeration is needed.

Proving to the judge that your children will have beds to sleep in and food to eat is just one of many steps that a parent will have to undertake to prove that they are providing a stable and healthy environment.

In fact, being a highly recognizable public figure may actually harm a parent’s chances of gaining custody in some cases. Often the children of famous people are subjected to as much attention, criticism, and vitriol as their parents.

Everyone Needs A Good Lawyer

At the end of the day, the best way to gain custody of your children is to: a) be a good parent, and b) hire an experienced and competent attorney to help you with the process.

Simply going into family court and telling the judge that you have millions of dollars, or that you’re Chris Rock, and expecting to get custody is not going to do it. An experienced lawyer will help you create a plan and walk you through the custody process so that, when you do get to court, you have a much better chance of success.


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