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Child Support

As a parent, child support is very important regardless if you are the one receiving child support or paying child support.

It’s important that your child receive the correct amount of assistance so that he or she is taken care of. But, being ordered to pay too much child support can cause the supporting parent serious problems, especially when difficult financial times arise.

You can always pay more than the guidelines require, but if you fail to pay the amount ordered you can quickly find yourself in deep legal and financial trouble.

Who Pays Child Support?

The parent that makes child support payments to the other depends mostly on two factors:

  1. Where the child spends his or her time.
  2. How much each parent earns.

Typically, the parent that has the child the majority of the time, which is referred to as the “custodial parent”, will receive child support payments from the other parent, also known as the “noncustodial parent”.

However, on rare occasions, the disparity of income is so substantial that the noncustodial parent may be entitled to support.

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Estimating Child Support

There are several free online child support calculators that may provide an estimate of the amount of support that one will receive or pay. The California Department of Child Support Services offers one such free calculator.

At best, these free calculators provide only an estimate, which may be grossly inaccurate because the category and figures to be inputted are subject to legal interpretation.

At Vonder Haar Law, we evaluate your unique situation, income, expenses, deductions, hardships, and other factors that may be identified through an attorney-client interview to obtain the correct child support figure.

In addition, several factors may support an increase or decrease in the amount of support as a result of your unique situation. So, before relying on or agreeing to the amount calculated it is important to talk with an attorney. 

Can Child Support Be Modified After Divorce?

Yes. Changing circumstances, for better or for worse, can affect a parent’s child support agreement.

The types of changes that can impact a child support agreement include:

  • Financial needs of the children
  • Actual time a parent spends with children
  • Financial condition and circumstances of either parent

Any or all of the above can provide the opportunity to modify your support agreement. This can be done by filing a request with the court or the parents can enter into an agreement that may ultimately be put into writing, filed with the court, and signed by a judge. 

We Can Help You Determine Fair Child Support

Child support does not automatically increase or decrease, and the court’s ability to modify support payments depends on when you make a formal request to the court.

The longer you wait the more money you will lose or pay in court-ordered child support. Whether you are paying or receiving child support, we can analyze your situation to determine if you are paying too much or not receiving enough child support.

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