Since 1997, Jon Vonder Haar has helped countless clients navigate the complicated waters of civil and criminal legal system. He strives to make sure every one of his clients gets the best legal representation he can provide.

Here are a just a few of his client’s success stories:

When I first came to Jon with my questions and concerns I was scared, uncertain and feeling extremely mistreated. Jon was quick in assessing the facts of my case in order to inform me of my rights.

Once I made the decision to protect myself Jon was informative and efficient with every aspect of my case.

Jon exceeded my expectations by always believing in me and in the end getting me a settlement. I highly recommend Jon not only for his diligent and professional work on my behalf but he remained empathetic to the stress a situation like this can cause.

Stacy J.

After my incident, I figured I would be in for a long painful process trying to get reimbursed for my wages. Jon explained the process and walked me through anything I was having questions about. Throughout my case he kept me feeling positive and I felt that I was in good hands.

Jon went the extra mile, putting in the work and time to make sure I came away with the win. The part I most want to share though is that even after the case was settled he still worked diligently on my behalf. He helped get my insurance company to lower the medical payments I had to make so I could take more of my settlement home with me.

The reason I feel this is so significant is because at that point his job was already done and reducing my medical expenses didn’t earn him any extra money.

It was purely to help me and that is pretty amazing. Now while I don’t hope I will have another lawsuit if I do I know I will be talking to Jon first and of course recommending him to anyone who needs a lawyer.

Sam S.

Jon and his Staff were very understanding, helpful and professional. The settlement process was quick and they handled everything for me. I will definitely refer Jon to others. Great job and thank you many times over.

Morgan K.

Jon’s attention to detail was impeccable. Without his help I know for a fact I would still be paying way too much in support and would be falling further behind. I can’t thank him enough. I highly recommend Jon for any of your family law needs.

Joe L.


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We provide representation in California State and Federal Courts. We accept most major credit cards for your convenience.

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