A Sore Loser's Guide To Paying Attorney's Fees

A Sore Loser’s Guide To Paying Attorney’s Fees

by Jan 29, 2020Divorce

A few years ago we published an article called A Raging Asshole’s Guide To Divorce. While purely a work of satire, it clearly illustrated the many potential pitfalls of being a jerk during the divorce process.

But what happens when a raging asshole inevitably loses their case and has to pay attorney’s fees for their ex’s lawyer?

This is what happens:

These two buckets are filled with mostly quarters. Why? Because we demanded the opposing party pay our client’s attorney’s fees, and the judge agreed. Rather than pay with a check or credit card, our client’s ex went out of his way to try and troll us by paying our fee in lose change.
Not only was this a petty and juvenile way to respond to a legitimate legal verdict, it was also entirely ineffective. All these quarters we have around the office have given us the perfect excuse to spend a few evenings playing the slots at Graton Casino.

Don’t Be A Sore Loser

No matter what you are ordered to pay for during or after your divorce, whether it’s alimony, child support, or your ex’s attorney’s fees, don’t be a sore loser.

(But if you are, don’t half-ass it like our client’s ex did. Get all pennies instead.)


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