Domestic Violence During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Domestic Violence During The Coronavirus Pandemic

by Jul 22, 2020COVID-19, Domestic Violence

One of the most unfortunate side effects on the ongoing pandemic has been a huge surge in domestic violence cases all over the world, including here in the United States. If you are concerned about domestic violence, knowing what is causing the increase in cases can be helpful to prevent or reduce the chances it happens to you or someone you care about.

Social Isolation

Social isolation is a common tactic of domestic violence abusers, and the pandemic has given abusers the ultimate excuse to prevent their victims from leaving the house.

Currently, the shelter-in-place orders here in Sonoma County (and most or all of California) have been lifted, meaning it’s generally safe to go outside as long as you wear a mask when in proximity to other people.

If your partner is forcing you to remain indoors against your will and using the pandemic as an excuse, that is a sign of domestic violence.

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Job Loss & Financial Hardship

Millions of Americans have lost their jobs as a result of the coronavirus, and that is creating an unprecedented level of stress and financial hardship on millions of families. Economic hardship is a common cause of conflict in relationships, and that conflict may boil over into domestic violence over extended periods.

Increased Alcohol Consumption

With so many people either laid off or working from home, alcohol consumption has seen a huge spike during the pandemic. Increased alcohol consumption, on its own or when coupled with other stress-inducing factors, frequently leads to increases in domestic violence.

Cultural & Political Unrest

As if a global pandemic hasn’t been enough, the rise in cultural and political unrest here in the United States has added yet another layer of stress, uncertainty, and fear into many people’s lives.

When combined with any of the other previously mentioned factors, the added stress of things like riots, protests, police brutality, and other cultural forces can be the final straw that tips a difficult situation into an abusive one.

Getting Help With Domestic Violence Issues

If you are a victim of domestic violence looking for legal assistance, a good first step is to get what’s known as a Domestic Violence Restraining Order, or DVRO. A DVRO can be issued by any judge and can last anywhere from a few days to five years, depending on the type of order issued.

Other resources, like the National Domestic Violence Hotline, are available as well.

If you need help dealing with a legal issue relating to domestic violence or obtaining a restraining order, please contact us as soon as possible.


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