How To Create A Long-Distance Parenting Plan

How To Create A Long-Distance Parenting Plan

by Nov 27, 2019Family Law

Co-parenting after a divorce is rarely an easy assignment. There is an endless number of factors that can complicate the situation, and one of the biggest is when separated parents live far away from each other. Situations like this require a long-distance parenting plan.

While every family’s situation is unique, there are several common factors in most long-distance parenting situations that co-parents should be aware of. These factors should be discussed and decided on, ideally, before one parent moves away.

Long-Distance Parenting Considerations

In cases where divorced parents live in the same area, they often share custody of their children, moving them between houses every few days, or the children might primarily live with one parent and visit with the other on a regular basis.

However, when one parent lives in another state, or even another country, creating a comprehensive and thoughtful parenting plan is even more critical. In this situation, the following factors should be resolved before either parent relocates:


If children are in school, a long-distance parenting plan needs to accommodate their educational needs. In other words, just because one parent takes a week off work to visit, removing a child from school for that week might not be a viable option.

Travel Arrangement

Will the children travel between parents, or will one parent travel to where the children live? Consider these options and find a workable compromise.

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Travel Costs

When a visit is arranged, who will pay for the cost of travel? Parents might split the cost of travel, especially if the child is flying to visit a parent, but not always. Co-parents should have a clear agreement on this point before making arrangements.


How will the children communicate with their long-distance parent? They may want to schedule daily phone calls, weekly video chats, emails, or some other form of communication to maintain regular contact.

Visitation Arrangements

If the long-distance parent will visit the children’s home, make sure there’s a clear understanding of how that visit will be handled.

Will the visiting parent stay in the home with the children and their co-parent, or will they stay elsewhere? Or, will the visiting parent bring the children with them to another residence? Whatever the arrangement, make sure it’s been established well ahead of time.

Working With An Attorney

In many cases creating a long-distance parenting plan will be considerably easier if one or both parents enlist the help of an experienced family law attorney. Because divorce is such a complex and emotional issue, it’s not always easy to create a plan that is fair to both parents without the help of a third party.

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